please take a moment to linger on my words, admire my photos, and allow yourself to indulge in the exclusive fantasy of Flora Luiz.


I am Flora;

A one of a kind transgender Latina beauty residing in NewYork City.

Equipped with a charming personality, colorful imagination, and a love for extravagant perversions; join me in saying "Yes" to life, and "No" to the mundane.


Standing at a statuesque 5'8,  I am enveloped in soft, plush, radiant skin complimented by juicy curves and a tiny waist. My soft kissable face is perfectly accessorized with brown piercing eyes, juicy lips, and killer cheekbones; my head elegantly adorned with a luxurious crown of soft, black hair.

Keeping an open mind and heart is my speciality. I strive to create a safe, affirming space for us to explore our fantasies to the fullest extent. A space to thrive, where we can exist and be seen in our truth without fear of judgement or shame. Together we'll advocate for each others pleasure and derive satisfaction in pleasing one another. 


At my core I am a ferocious lover and a practitioner of reciprocity.

If you wish to be mine, show me I am yours. 

Together let's create something we'll never forget...

See you soon, 


X.o. Flora Luiz